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Sculpture From Around the World
​A true artist not only creates but appreciates fine artistic craftsmanship of others employing many mediums.
Ray Villafane
Pumpkins and Gords
Street Sculpture
Expert Wood Carving
Andoni Bastarrike is a self-taught artist from the Basque region of Spain.  He began building sand sculptures to entertain children on the beach.  One picture went viral and now he's teaching the art of sand sculpting.  He now able to support himself doing sand sculptures.
Sand Sculptures by Andoni Bastarrike
The memorial to the jews of the Krakow, Poland ghetto.
Expansion, taken in New York City.
"Hippos" Taipei, Taiwan
A scene from WW II, Eceabat, Turkey
Title unknown.  Barcelona, Spain
"Man at Work" Bratislava, Slovakia
Memorial "Shoes" on the Danube, Budapest, Hungary
Charles La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia
The "Sitting Bull", Barcelona, Spain
"The Lobster" Barcelona, Spain
"Searching for Utopia" Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Eleven O One, Seaham, England
"Breaking Through From Your Mold" Philadelphia, PA USA
"Mustangs of Las Collinas"  Texas, USA
"Godfather on the Arch of Heaven"  Stockholm, Sweden
"Metalmorphosis"  Charlotte, NC, USA
"Out of Order"  London, England
"Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive"
Texas, USA
"The Knotted Gun"  United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY, USA
Lions at the Tower of London, London, England
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From a Single Tree Trunk
Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's longest wood carving created by artist Zheng Chunhui titled "Along the River During the Quinming Festival" 
Ray Villafane is an artist from Queens, New ork, who has garnered international acclaim and a cult-like following for his jaw-dropping pumpkin carvings.  His carvings have even been displayed in the President's quarters at the White House.