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Dirt can tell a story

"The Smoochies" © inspiration came from everyday life.  Anyone who has been in a personal relationship doesn't need footnotes to these pieces.
"Don't Talk to Me"
'No Way 1'
'No Way 2'
'Let's Kiss and Make Up'
This collection comes in two sizes.  Large - 32-1/2" x 17" at $999 for the set, or $295 each
                                                              Small - 20" x 12" at $525 for the set, or $175 each
'Don't Talk To Me"
About Deniece Daniels
Deniece is a native Detroiter.  Her talent began to show itself in elementary school where her teacher recognized and encouraged her gift.  In middle school she was an outstanding member of the art club.  While she attended Martin Luther King High School she was sculpting live models for the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).  Deniece was recognized by the Detroit newspapers as one of the most talented then working at the DIA.   
Dirt Can Raise Emotion
'Doggie In The Window"
I Love Playing in the Dirt
"Doggy In the Window"
44-1/2" h. x 23" w.
"Strange Fruit"
"Cutest Little Baby Face"
Just For Show
In her young career Deniece was a featured artist at the grand opening of the Griswold Avenue First National Bank in downtown Detroit.   
Deniece, like many young artists, faced the practical reality of providing for her family.  It necessitated having to put her art career on hold.  Now after many years absence Deniece has returned to her first love and making up for lost time.  
Since her return Deniece has become a member of both the Grosse Pointe Art Center and the Sculptors Guild of Michigan.  In different showings she has been successful in selling many of her bi-reliefs, busts, entire anatomies, animals and accepting commissions for specialized sculptors.  
Deniece Daniels  -
"Let the Good Times Roll"